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Fund Your Future

Our Services: Investment Management

At Upstate Financial Network, we work to mitigate risk factors — such as corporate, legislative and geographical risk — by following a step-by-step approach to the investment decision-making process. Our job is to not just manage your finances but to also understand your expectations and perspectives of the market.

Our investment approach is based on the Modern Portfolio Theory and Asset Allocation-based models.

We use both active and passive funds to achieve a satisfactory risk tolerance based on your expectations. The models we use are then reviewed systematically and rebalanced quarterly, while each individual security within them is monitored daily.

On an ongoing basis, we’ll update you on the status of your investments, as well as potential factors that may influence their success. Through this education, we hope to provide you with a better understanding of the process so you gain more insight into why we make certain strategic decisions.

The end goal of every investment is to achieve the ROI you need to bring your short- and 

long-term goals to fruition.

Invest in Your Success